Worried couple using their laptop to pay their bills at home inWould you like to be in control of your finances? Do you want to live your life your way? We provide personal financial planning tools so you can plan your financial freedom and develop skills to become debt free. Imagine yourself without the stress or burden of debt. It is liberating.

I want to see the world where people are happy and free and I want to make that world come true for you!

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Today you can take the first step to controlling your finances with our financial planning tools. We offer financial resources that include free financial advice, a personalized financial coaching program, and planning tools to help you eliminate debt.

Here's what you should be doing to work toward financial security:

  • Start now
  • Make a plan
  • Pay down debt
  • Spend less money

Nelson Bricker

Nelson HeadshotOver the last 25 years, I have been studying finances and wealth building, including financial counseling. I grew up on a farm and my hard working parents always struggled with money. I was determined to be different. When I got married, I paid off all my debts. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. What I share with you are financial tips I have learned, as well as my life experiences. I have two successful businesses in the Chambersburg area of Pennsylvania that allow me to focus on what I love – helping people!

One of my clients came to me because his business was having problems. Sam was willing to learn to improve his business and as a result, he learned to improve his life. I want to give you the stepping stones for you to make a difference in your life, steps to financial freedom and to help you make your dreams come true.


Financial Wealth Education

Financial Wealth EducationOur Financial Wealth Education e-book provides personal financial planning tools to create the financial change you need. It begins with the simple steps to obtaining financial independence. This means you can learn how to eliminate debt and live debt free.

You will see a shift in priorities and motivation to take control of your finances. With the new mindset, you are ready to create the financial independence plan.

With long-term vision, you identify your current net worth and monthly income and expenses. With the personal financial worksheets in the Financial Wealth Education book, you get a realistic bird’s eye view of your financial situation.

Strategies to pay down debt, decrease spending, and wealth building are provided in an easy to follow format. Failing to execute a financial plan for independence is the same as planning to fail. Get the Financial Wealth Education e-book to make your dreams come true.

Financial Education - Title of Book.If you feel you need personalized financial planning tools, or need a coach to keep you on track, we offer our personal Financial Coaching Program. In this program, we will review your current state of finances and goals to determine your best course of action. This is a personalized approach to deciding what short and long term steps you can take to eliminating debt, minimizing stress, and ultimately, becoming financially free to live the life you deserve. Sign-up today to gain your own personal financial advisor and let us help you create a plan for  success.